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The String Armonica: A New Class of Synthesizer

(NOTE: This will be the final batch of this style. We should start selling the MKII style within a few months. If you'd like to get notified before others once its for sale, you can add your name to the list HERE.)


This batch is for five units; marked with the serial numbers #012 - #016! This batch is ready for shipment and will be shipped within 3-5 days after purchase.

***2 Units Left***

Please watch the Tuning and Voicing video prior to purchasing, so that you know what to expect upon receiving your instrument.

We also highly advise reading the manual prior to purchasing.


The String Armonica - An Electroacoustic Synthesizer



The String Armonica reimagines musical synthesis by using strings, instead of electronic waveforms, as its sound source. This instrument employs 12 chromatically tuned strings, each harmonically resonating through a custom-built internal synthesizer. This setup enables users to play a range of four octaves using a MIDI keyboard, with all strings capable of sounding simultaneously in full polyphony. The strings function similarly to speakers, being precisely tuned to respond to the synthesizer's output. Imagine an array of 48 strings, each with its own Sound Stone sustainer, but all controlled through a keyboard or MIDI interface for a unique and rich musical experience.


The String Armonica also features additional expressive controls for enhanced musicality. An external expression pedal allows for nuanced dynamic control, and an onboard tremolo system can be operated through a MIDI keyboard's mod wheel. This functionality gives the player the ability to pulse the strings, adding depth and texture to the sound.

The String Armonica has a unique timbre, reminiscent of the Glass Armonica, which is how we stumbled upon the name. It can sound like a variety of instruments including a celesta, a reed organ, or singing bowls. We believe it will be a great tool for composers to add a new layer of high harmonic richness to their compositions.

It's capable of producing both infinitely sustained and staccato notes. Players can control the decay of these notes using the included felt damper. Each string is equipped with an individual pickup, which is summed to a stereo output, allowing a wide sound field and immersive experience.


As with any complex stringed instrument, the tuning process has a learning curve. You may find it slightly difficult to initially learn how to properly tune the instrument so that each octave is of uniform volume. Again, please watch the tuning and voicing video before purchase, so that you will know what to expect. We will assist any customers if they are having trouble.


When playing sustained chords, rather than staccato notes, we suggest using the damper. This will help equalize the pitch of the strings during the initial attack and lead to stability. In addition to this, we’ve found that using the expression pedal to swell the notes or playing with a lower MIDI volume leads to a better sound.


If you want to play this instrument without a computer, you will need a keyboard with 5 Pin MIDI Output. Otherwise, you will need to use the included USB to MIDI dongle along with your computer/DAW. You can also use a USB MIDI Host (not included) to play it without a computer.


Please note: International orders will most likely need to pay customs and/or duties fees upon delivery. Please consult your domestic policies before placing an order.


  • 48-voice internal top octave synthesizer
  • 12 chromatically tuned strings
  • 5v usb power for external keyboard
  • 5-pin MIDI input and volume control - NOTE:MUST USE 5 PIN MIDI
  • Stereo output with modulation-controlled tremolo
  • Removable felt damper bar for versatile playability
  • Hand stamped serial plates

String Armonica Control Panel

Technical Specifications:

  • MIDI In: 5-pin input for seamless integration with your setup.
  • Range: MIDI notes 60-107 (C4-B7) - plays one octave higher to match standard MIDI keyboards.
  • Strings: Specially designed for specific gauges, ensuring optimal sound quality.
  • Hardwood Oak design handcrafted by us here in Texas
  • High quality Grover Tuners which ensure ease of tuning and stability

What's Included:

  • String Armonica
  • Soft Gig Bag Case
  • TRS stereo to dual mono TS cable
  • 5 Pin MIDI to USB Dongle
  • Felt Damper
  • User Manual
  • Customer service for troubleshooting

String Armonica and Accesories

Tuning and Maintenance:

Tuning the String Armonica is an art in itself, allowing for a personalized sound. Voicing the instrument is crucial and will be important for each user to learn. In order to achieve equal volume across all octaves, it must be tuned correctly. This is more complex than just tuning to the fundamental note of each string. Due to string tension and inharmonicity of harmonics, you will want to tune each string slightly flat, so that the higher octaves are as loud as the fundamental. The instrument will still be in concert pitch, so long as its tuned correctly.  The tuning process entails a learning curve, which will become easier over time. We can help guide each user if they are having any difficulty learning.

Strings will be detuned prior to shipment and will need to be retuned and acclimated once each unit is received.

Grover Tuners

Connect and Control:

Easily connect the String Armonica to various audio setups via standalone 5 pin MIDI keyboard or a DAW on a computer. User's must have a MIDI keyboard with 5 pin MIDI output or will need to use a USB controller in conjunction with their DAW and the supplied USB to MIDI dongle that we provide.

 Here is performance of the String Armonica (earlier prototype) played with a MIDI keyboard.

Returns and Warranty:

  • Limited One-Year Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our instruments.
  • 60-Day Return Policy: Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Users must pay for return shipping as well as insurance unless their unit has factory defects

Your Role:

Because this is a brand new instrument, we hope users will share any thoughts they have for improvement and will be patient learning how to use the instrument. Similar to an autoharp or piano, there will be a learning curve with how to properly voice the instrument so that all octaves have an even keeled volume response.

Thank you for your interest in our new instrument!

For more detailed information, please read the User Manual before purchasing.