• Introducing the Sound Stone. The world's most affordable guitar sustainer.

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We built the Sound Stone to be as versatile as the musician playing with it. Now any guitar player can create different tonal varieties and hold infinite sustain. It's the ultimate accessory.

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The Most Affordable Guitar Sustainer

A sustainer is a tool every guitarist should have in their arsenal. At a third of the cost of other sustainers, now anyone can afford to have one. With the holidays approaching, it also makes the perfect gift for those looking to take their playing to a new level.

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About Us

Merkaba Electronics is a small business started by two brothers in Austin, TX. Our company aims to provide affordable effects for musicians. 

We solder, assemble, and package all of the units ourselves and hire local musician friends to help us. Supporting us will allow us to start creating new products and help fund the local Austin music community. 

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